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Superb Location

Why Langebaan you might ask? There is something for everyone to do.  It is a town filled with relaxation and fun.  A day on the beach with the family or a short walk with a loved one is always great. Kite Surfing as well as lessons are always a hit.  Boat rides, fishing or kayaking along with other water activities is a nice way to spend your time. Let’s not start with the cuisine, it is practically out of this world. So why Langebaan you might ask, because it is perfect for everyone you might say.

Great Facilities

Alabaster Box B&B has many  wonderful things about it:

  • A good night’s rest
  • A delicious breakfast
  • Enough room to lounge about
  • A pool to enjoy
  • A braai for the social times
  • DSTV to keep up with the what haps
  • Wi-Fi to stay in touch with those at home or attend to business
  • Hot and cold beverages at all times
  • An outstanding view

What more could you need and what else would you want?

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Water Sports in Langebaan

The coastal town of Langebaan is known as the “Jewel of the West Coast”, and as its set on both a natural, salt water lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean, its an unbeatable choice for water sport enthusiasts.

Find out what’s available with the ultimate guide to watersports in Langebaan.

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In recognition of exceptional service Alabaster Box B&B in Langebaan has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence.